12v TV Limited

12v TV Limited are specialist suppiers of 12 volt Televisions for use in leisure vehicles such as: Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats and Horseboxes.

Established in 2004, 12v TV Limited have extensive knowledge of this specialist market and our Managing Director (Dave Griffin) has over fifty years of camping and caravanning experience coupled with neary thirty years experience of selling 12v Televisions.

At 12v TV we offer the highest levels of product knowledge, excellent customer service and the best quality 12 volt TV's at competitive prices.

Avtex Platinum Dealer

Avtex 12v TV Dealer

We are proud to be an official dealer of Avtex 12v TV's for Caravans. Avtex have been the premier distributor of 12v/230v TV's for over twenty years. Avtex's latest range of "DRS" TV/DVD combis are class leaders in all respects. More >>

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Avtex L187DRS - 19&quot Screen - Only 437mm wide

Avtex L187DRS 19" High Definition 12v TV / DVD/ Satellite Combi

The Avtex L187DRS is a 19" High Definition 12v/24v/230v TV/DVD Combi with an Integrated High Definition Freeview Tuner & a High Definition Free To Air Satellite Receiver. This is our best selling 12v Television in the latest style thin frame. It gives outstanding picture quality, has a very high specification and comes with a Manufacturers 3 Year Warranty.
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Avtex L217DRS Image

Avtex L217DRS 24" Full HD 12v TV / DVD/ Satellite Combi

The Avtex L217DRS is a 22" High Definition 12v TV/DVD Combi with an Integrated High Definition Freeview Tuner (DVB-T2) & a High Definition Free To Air Satellite Receiver (DVB-S2). It comes with a high specification, excellent picture quality, the latest stylish ultra thin frame design and a 3 Year Warranty.
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12v Caravan TV

All our Televisions are specifically made for use in a Caravan. This is important because a lot of people think that the only difference between our 12v TV's and domestic ones is the capability to work from a 12v battery system. That in its own right is very important because in a caravan the voltage can vary between 10.5v and 14.4v. A domestic TV with an off board regulated power supply (these days that little black box is not just a transformer) is expecting a smooth regulated exact 12v. If you connect a domestic TV directly to your caravan 12v battery system it can be damaged by over voltage and or current.

There are other differences as well like the quality of the individual components and the overall build quality bearing in mind that on journey to and from the campsite your TV will be subject to a great deal of vibration and harshness. The market leading Avtex Caravan Televisions have some unique features including a one button tuning system enabling you to have your TV tuned into the local transmitter quickly and easily when you arrive at your holiday destination.

The whole range of Avtex 12v Caravan TVs are built to the highest standards and offer outstanding picture quality and a comprehensive 3 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Cello 12v TV

12v TV Limited are approved resellers of Cello 12v TVs designed and built for use in Caravans, Boats, Motorhomes and Trucks. Cello manufacture thier Televisions in Britain and have recently moved to a new purpose built facility.

The Cello range includes several screen sizes of 12v TV/DVD combinations and the "Traveller" range also include a built-in satellite receiver. More >>